Welcome to Freestyle Motions.  Our motto is “Fitness through Creative Movement.”

All classes are currently taught at the YMCA of Greater Westfield.  I have been teaching at the Y since January of 2009.  My classes include Cardio Kickboxing, Self Defense, Break Dancing, Freestyle Fitness, Sword Play, TRX, and Personal Training.

This site was created for all Enthusiasts interested in Martial Arts, Breakdancing, Fitness, Weapon Arts, Choreography, and more. Please use this site as an information gateway to your specific needs.

Disclaimer:  The technical skills described in this site should be performed if, and only if, you have the physical mobility and psychological stability needed to do so. Consultation with a doctor and/or physical fitness instructor is recommended prior to attempting these techniques if any doubts exist. Doing so after you have had an accident would ruin the purpose of the consultation. By entering/viewing this site you, and any you teach, agree that you/they will not hold the creator of this site, the ISP, or any affiliated entity responsible for the following: Injuries, paralysis, death and property damage, sustained while attempting/training the techniques described here on this site. 

Thanks. I hope you enjoy the site and thank you for all your patience while the site evolves. Martin Lee, the FreestyleMotions Admin, please contact me at freestylemotions@gmail.com

About My Training

I began my martial arts training at 14yrs old. I always watched martial arts movies throughout my childhood, but never took up training. One afternoon, at school, my friend comes up to me and said “Check this out, it’s called the 8-Point Blocking System”, and before he could perform it, I said “does it go like this?”, and performed the blocking set. My friend was surprised and asked where I learned it, and I replied “well, I just came up with it just now.” I then explained how your arms can only move so many ways and there are only so many attacks that can come at you from so many directions. I guess all the martial arts movies I watched subliminally taught me how to perform the technique as well as explain it. From then on, I’ve been training on my own, in my basement, in my driveway, patio, front and back yard, at school, the park, anywhere. Sharing and Coaching my friends became an everyday after school event. If we weren’t training, then we would be watching some kind of kung fu flick.

My first real formal training was Isshinryu Karate in Townsend, Massachusetts. This was the best school I have ever been at. The Instructors and Students taught me how to fight , take a hit, and conditioning. Traditional, Hardcore, Challenging and Self Conviction would be some of the keywords I would describe my experience. Well, of course you have Painful, Bloody, Loss of Breath, or Wind Getting Knocked Out, Week long headaches, Bruises, all to want to do it all again for the next class. I was able to build up my stamina, or endurance, for sparring, as well as experimenting and building strategies. You could never be comfortable with just one favorite partner. Everyone was different reacted and attacked differently, so we had to adapt tremendously to make sure we didn’t get hit and to make sure the technique at hand worked. Learning the spirtual and story behind Isshinryu katas gave a sense of mysticism, but more importantly, substance.

After Isshinyu karate, I dabbled in Shaolin Kempo, American Kenpo and Tae Kwon Do, became a pressure point dummy for Mr. Ed Parker Jr and kicked around with Larry Lam. A lot later I even got a chance to be the test dummy and train with Anthony DeLongis. I also learned German Longsword, Rapier, Basics of Gladiatorial Combat (Thracian, Secutor, Samnite & Retiarius), Sport Sword, or Padded Weapon training, Battle Scenario Games, and Fencing.

I’ve been teaching, since the day I started training. Not sure how that worked, but I did teach formally as a student helper, at first. As years past I taught Martial Arts and Breakdancing classes at Westfield State College.  Through the Acton Boxborough Continuing Education Program, I taught Breakdancing. I learned and taught Historical Weapons, Sport Sword and Fencing at Guard Up Inc.

I started Breakdancing my Sophmore year in college, around 1998, and been breakin since. I do wish my skillz were better after all these years, but some bodies have their limitations. The amount of shows our crew performed were way too many to count. I think we performed at every college event imaginable.