Floor Rock

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Floor Rocks are “rocking” or style moves performed while much of your body (hips and/or shoulders) are touching the floor. Although some moves may involve flowing or spinning like movements, they are not power moves. Floor Rocks are either used as transition moves (into a power move, freeze, etc.) or in between footwork.

  • Body Rock (aka Back Rock): A move in which you lay flat on your back and only torque you hip and legs, alternating left and right. This move is similar to the CC’ in footwork, only being done with your shoulders and upper-back touching the ground. For example, your right foot will “tap” or “kick” over to your left while your left knee remains bent, then your left foot will “tap” or “kick” over to your right while your right knee remains bent.
  • Scissors: A move started while lying straight on your side, then bending your body in to touch your toes (simulating a scissor motion). Once you unbend and become straight again, you turn to your opposite side and repeat.
  • Belly Swim: While laying on your back, you splay out your arms to turn onto your belly then sweep your arms out in front of you to return to your back all while using a continuous “swimming” motion.
  • Body Glide: This move is similar to the belly swim but looks like the “superman” in power-moves because your legs and arms remain splayed as you turn over. Unlike only using your arms to “swim” you over (as done in a Belly Swim), a body glide requires you to swing your legs to “glide” your momentum for turning.
  • Side Slide: Performed on your side like a scissor, you kick a leg forward or backward spinning you on your hip axis. This move is like a side spin in power but more stylish with shorter rotation. Sometimes the forehead or hip is touched or, the arms are folded while rotating. Also, the dancer may scrunch in and freeze at the end.
  • Coffee Grinder/Helicopter: Go down on one bent leg standing on your toes with your hands on either side of your bent knee. Other leg is lying flat out on the floor beside you. Swing the leg that’s on the ground. To avoid being hit by your swing leg; you pick up your hands and put them back on the floor, then use them to pick the rest of your body up lifting it over your swing leg. Drop your body and repeat.