Combos to help the memory.

Knee Block to Elbow Sandwich
Lift Left knee, as you place that left leg down, do a palm strike with left hand, simulate grabbing opponent’s head and sandwich with right elbow.

Jab Jab Jab Cross Hook Front Kick Side Kick
While shuffling to either your left or right, Jab 3 times, to cross, to hook, then execute a front kick forwards, then rechamber and execute a sidekick with the same leg back out to the side.

Jab – Low Sidekick – Mid Sidekick
From stepping side to side, step to right, do a right jab then low sidekick and without putting your foot down, do a mid height sidekick, place you kicking foot back down and then do opposite side, step left, do a left jab and then left low sidekick to mid sidekick and repeat.

Jab – Fade Back – Bob&Weave Left and Right – Jab or Backfist – Cross or Hook
Depending on left or right stance, (for example we’ll use the left side) execute left hand jab, fade back, bob to the left, then bob to the right, as you come out of the bob, execute left hand jab or backfist, then quickly execute a right cross or hook punch.

When bobbing & weaving be sure to bend at the knees to lower your height level. If you lead with your head, you could duck right into an attack, plus it causes you to look at the ground and nont your opponent.

The starting jab is a feint to draw your opponent in, and as they attack, you dodge their attacks and finish them off with a quick 1-2 combo.

Front Kick – Back Kick combo
Start Left front kick, bring left foot back to starting position, look over right shoulder and then execute a right back kick, bring right back to starting position and repeat.

You will notice a pendulum like motionwhen executing this combo consecutively. You can also start to add hand motions to the combo, ie. alternating straigt punches.

Do a left front kick, place you foot down and then look over your right shoulder to do a right back kick and at the same time throw a right cross punch, (you will have a nice stretch and your kick will feel like it has more extension). As you bring your kicking leg and punching arm back to neutral position, your left arm will extend forward a little and then as you perform the left front kick, your left hand will chamber towards your body, while your right hand slightly extends forwards, and repeat.