Martial Arts


Freestyle Martial Arts is an overall approach to combative training, utilizing elements (attributes) from many styles, ranging from Jeet Kune Do, Wushu, Tae Kwon Do, Escrima, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Fencing.

Freestyle Martial Arts is adaptive and constantly evolving.  The goal of the Freestyle Coach is to share his 14+ years of experience to build knowledge, condition the body and mind, and guide the Enthusiast in finding their own Freestyle Motion (Creation).

Why has Freestyle Motions been inspired by the following combative arts:

1. Jeet Kune Do – for it’s natural adaptiveness, stop hits or intercepting hits, strategy when closing distance between the opponent

2. Wushu – for it’s fluidity and beauty, variety of empty hand and weapon arts, the creativeness in the forms performed, how all the multitude of styles within wushu can flow from one to another

3. Tae Kwon Do – for it’s agility, speed, kicking dexterity, air kicking combinations and tricking

4. Muay Thai – for it’s power and conditioning, the effective and destructive knees, elbows, and roundhouse kicks, the use of rotation in the hips to generate power for attacks

5. Kali & Escrima – for it’s rhythm and destruction strikes, how kali ties in with Jeet Kune Do naturally, how weapon training directly translate to empty hand applications

6. Boxing – for its balance and conditioning, for it’s rhythm, footwork, balanced stance, always having their hands (guard) up, the constant training and drilling on reaction and endurance skills, and through the constant sparring, allowing one to condition themselves when taking a hit.

7. Fencing – for its balance, simplicity, gateway for beginners to experience combative training with a straight forward movement, attack, defense, fighting stance, combative strategy.  Fencing can be learned at any age and because of it’s weapon, it allows an Enthusiast to learn combative training fairly safe and develop explosive linear movement.

4 Key attributes that makes up a Freestylemotions Enthusiast.

1. Knowledge – building knowledge in fundamental movement, strategies, and health.

2. Fitness – building muscle memory, body hardening, natural instinct and reaction through drilling, combinations, and application.

3. Flow – to react with no thought, the Enthusiast reacts naturally and fluidly to the task(s) at hand with fundamental and creative approaches.

4. Expression – the Enthusiast has developed a natural relation with motion, allowing the foundation of everything they have trained, to become their own Expression, Creation, or Style.

To develop our Knowledge we will train the basics of:

Movement   Offense   Defense   Distance   Rhythm

To compliment the above training, we must condition our Fitness in:

Balance   Flexibility   Agility   Reaction   Condition Striking and Blocking Surfaces

Cardiovascular Health   Calisthenics   Strength Training   Speed Training

Once the foundation has been set, Flow can be trained through:

Combinations   Strategy   Understanding Body Placement through Cause and Effect

Your own Expression will come forth through:

Trial and Error   Perserverance