Freestyle Breakdancing takes the Enthusiast throught the fundemental elements of being a B-Boy or B-Girl. The elements of breakin are:

1. Top Rock or Up Rock – this is any dance movement while standing. Different levels of Top Rock are Grooving in place (helps to conserve energy), Stepping (DDR like steps (forward, back left and right) (good for transitions), Battle Rock (very aggressive, mimics fighting but without contact).

2. Floor Rock or Footwork – this is any dance movment while on the ground. Different kinds of Floor Rock are your variations of Six Step, Threading, etc.

3. Freeze or Stalls – this is any dance movement where you hold, or freeze, a position for a few seconds, for example, L-kicks, Hallow Backs, Baby Stall, Shoulder Stall, etc.

4. Power Moves – usually very acrobatic or gymnastic movement, for example, Windmills, Flares, Flips, Crunches, Extreme Power Freezes (holding one Freeze for a long time and (or) transitioning from one Freeze to another in multiple succession.

5. Style – this is your overall performance, showmanship, presentation, transitions, flow, etc.

Of course you’re going to need Rhythm, as well. The Rhythm of how you feel the music, or even the music you can hear in your mind even if there isn’t a stereo around.