Off to an awesome start this new year.

Off to an awesome start this new year. Blasting our core in TRX. Building the strength and form for our ground moves (TRX Ground Knee Crunch, Side Crunch, Push-Ups, Pikes, Pendulum Swing, Planks, Atomic Variants). Utilizing medicine balls to build our balance before placing our feet into the TRX Foot Straps. And, glad to see how our TRX V-Ups have a place in your hearts. 🙂

Sword Play: Gladiators is in full battle. It’s awesome to see how everyone has adapted to using the large shield, spear, and net. Haley used the net perfectly in tangling up my sword and striking cleanly with her dagger. With the intense battles, we do have to remember to “battle safely”, (No Shield Charge, 3 Qtr Staff Push, Head shots). Of course in real battle these are very effective, we do want to be able to battle another day. 🙂

TRX Class Update 20170102



We ended 2016 TRX with some fun. After our primary TRX workouts we tried a bit of Sword Fit, 1v1, 2v2, 1vAll, and Free for All battles. It was really cool to see my adult class take very easily and naturally to sword fighting. Clean techniques and adaptable strategies, from my usual chaotic kids sword play class. During our free bonus class we learned some knife fighting skills, 10 strikes/cuts and normal/reverse grips. We worked on some striking flows for 2 targets. And last but not least you survived our 20/20 challenge (5 sets of 20 pushups and 20 situps, (actually blasted out 70 leg lifts as a very end bonus). Welcome 2017, time to start moving, sweating, and TRXing.