One thought on “Jeeja Yanin Fight Scenes from Chocolate”

  1. It was an exceptional movie, this wonderful recreation of “Big Boss Man” is fantastic even though it is not clear why the movie is titled; “Chocolate” this is one of the finest martial arts movies. The plot is clear and the objective is certain. Most martial arts movies have so many holes that it leaves you wondering about the plot, not this one, Chocolate leaves you wanting more!
    Jeeja Yanin is definitely the reincarnation of Bruce Lee. All though it is obvious that she doesn’t possess the strength for powerful hits, her precision hits clearly show she knows every place to hit and make it hurt immensely. She is a joy to watch and makes you believe she could bring down Jackie Chan, Jet Li, or even Tony Jaa. Thank you for the clips it makes me want to watch “Chocolate” for the fourth time.

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